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What Is Quality Health Care?

Not all hospitals are the same when it comes to providing patients quality care, just as not all cars, hotels or restaurants are the same. And just like with these other industries, there are many factors that go into how they are all different. So how do you decide on what doctor to see and which hospital to choose?
There has never before been so much information available about the quality of different hospitals' patient care. Over the last few decades more and more information has been made public by hospitals, state and federal agencies responsible for health care, insurance companies, employers, magazines, Web sites and commercial firms specializing in providing health information.
The Quality of Care website will take you through many of the different components that contribute to quality care, and it will help you understand how to evaluate for yourself some of the quality of care information that's out there. We will also provide you with information on quality at Rush University Medical Center.
The website represents Rush’s commitment to share information about our quality of care with our patients, health care consumers, referring physicians and anyone else who is interested. We also hope to help you understand quality of care and know how to compare hospitals whether you are considering Rush or any other hospital.
To better understand quality of care and to learn more about quality of care at Rush, go to the Quality of Care website.