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Family Birth Center Looks Back on First Year

March 9, 2015 marked the one-year anniversary of the opening of Rush’s Family Birth Center. Here are some of the biggest changes that have come with the center, according to the staff who work there:

The larger rooms allow the mom and the family to have a space they can walk around in in early labor and make use of labor support measures such as a birthing ball. Our suites are equipped to handle everyone from the mom who’s looking for a very low intervention experience to a very high risk delivery. The room swings, based on the needs of the patient.
-Labor and delivery nurse
Communication is better. We’re more in touch with our patients. We carry phones, and to reach us they just on turn their call light. I might have left to get her water and she calls me back, because that’s how labor is. I can talk immediately with her, even coach her labor while I’m walking down the hallway.
-Labor and delivery nurse
Our new unit is much quieter. It’s much more restful for our families because of the decreased noise level. It’s a less stressful environment. And we have multiple nurses stations that are closer to our patient rooms so that even when we’re not in the patient room, we’re never far.
-Mother-baby unit nurse
Now every baby has their own room, and families can stay over with their babies. In the old place, they came for a short visit and left. Now, sometimes moms are here for the baby’s entire stay. They’re more involved in the care. It’s a good thing for the parents to participate in care throughout the baby’s stay so when they go home they’re more confident care providers.
-Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse
The three delivery rooms were built right next to the NICU. On the occasions where you need a small army to do the very best for the baby, you have it five seconds away. It’s really worked: We’ve had innumerable cases when kids came out having unexpected problems, and we just stick our head out the door and we have the troops there.